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This Airy Home Was Built From Remnants of a Demolished Barn

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Frankfurt couple Katharina Pasternak and Martin Schittig couldn't quite pull off totally converting a century-old barn, so they did the next best thing: the pair demolished the dilapidated structure and built a modern home using many materials salvaged from the old building. They preserved, for example, the barn's dark oak wood beams, gable constructed of handmade bricks, and a pile of tiles from the 1920s.

The ground floor of the 2,150-square-foot home contains the bedrooms, bathroom, and office, while a set of stairs lead up to a living room and kitchen on the same level as the entrance. Another set of stairs go up to the mezzanine level where there's a family room (with a lovely wicker swing!) and study.

As seen in the first photo below, one entire side of the house is built from the old barn brick, each of which have been washed with a brush. Beams have been recycled as structural support for the mezzanine, and an old plank from the barn is now a bathroom countertop. Pursuing the "recycling" theme even further, the couple filled the home with used Nordic furniture (e.g. old Swedish chairs found on eBay), plus a well-worn dining table donated by a local sports halland a bench acquired from a nearby daycare center.

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