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Ikea Pays Tribute to Overlooked, Oft-Abused Household Items

You never know where an Ikea ad will take you (to a field of flying t-shirts maybe), but in its latest creation, the flatpack retailer brings your attention deep within the home, to the "true everyday heroes" in our lives. Hangers mercilessly abused by the weight of our belongings. Faucets reliably soiled day after day. The ever-valiant toilet bowl brush.

With a dramatic narration by English actor Terence Stamp, these unsung heroes get a full 1:18 in the spotlight:

"We can be heroes, just for one day," they sing.

Actually, for Ikea's stainless steel toilet roll holder, at least, its fame might last more than a day. The company just made a Twitter account to chronicle all of its thoughts and adventures. Carry on, GRUNDTAL.

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