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Vince Gilligan to 'Breaking Bad' Fans: Stop Throwing Pizzas on This Poor Old Lady's Roof

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Do you remember the scene in Breaking Bad where Walt attempts to "hash things out like adults" with Skyler over a pizza, and ends up throwing it on the roof in a fit of rage? That very GIFable moment when the pie lands perfectly unharmed has inspired more than a few Breaking Bad fans to try out their own pizza-throwing skills on the real Albuquerque home used as the White residence. This presents the actual owners of that home with a bit of problem, because they don't count themselves among the subset of humanity that enjoys cleaning pepperoni off the roof.

Creator Vince Gilligan urged fans to stop the pizza throwing in the first minutes of Tuesday's Better Call Saul Insider Podcast, calling the act "nothing original or funny or cool." The house has become something of a Breaking Bad tourist attraction, but the homeowner Fran, who's been in the house since 1973, said back in 2013 that fans who visited the property were mostly respectful. Maybe now she's rethinking her commitment to never sell the place.

Obsessive Breaking Bad fans: maybe take a break from Fran's house and hit up one of these other locations from the show? Respectfully, of course.

The scene:

The podcast:

The poor old lady:

The GIF:

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