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Robert Durst of The Jinx's Family Real Estate Empire, Mapped

The Durst family has been dominating real estate in New York City for exactly 100 years, though not without a little scandal—and now that scandal has graced the small screen. Robert Durst, the estranged scion of one of the city's most powerful real estate dynasties, is the subject of a six-part HBO documentary called The Jinx, and the finale airs Sunday night. The show has chronicled Robert's various murky (and alleged) misdeeds, which include being suspected of killing his first wife, and later his friend, and then somehow being acquitted of murder after shooting and dismembering his neighbor in Texas. What better time, then, to take stock of all the buildings the members of his family have made possible—despite all the drama, and with minimal involvement from the man one family member called a "true psychopath."

Curbed NY maps an empire. >>