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Get Lost in Dizzying Interior Shots of Reno Casinos

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Over the last five years, photographer Joe Johnson has been documenting the disorienting neon interiors of casinos in Reno, Nevada in a photo series called "The Playing Field." Though it's typically difficult to secure photographic access to those venues, Johnson managed to work out a special arrangement with local casino owners: he'd enter their establishments very early in the morning and capture the space without any people. The result is a trippy and dazzling cruise through the labyrinthine internal architecture of places that, more or less, want to trap you in a glittering stupor.

The series also includes several outside shots, purposely overexposed to reflect how painful it was for Johnson to adjust his eyes to the intense desert sun upon emerging from the dark gambling dungeons. Find the rest of the series at Johnson's website.

· The Playing Field [official site via Co.Design]