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Mad Men Sets Have Arrived in New York, and They are Glorious

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"Matthew Weiner's Mad Men", an exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York opens tomorrow, March 14, offering visitors the chance to set foot in a recreation of Don Draper's SC&P office and contemplate all the times Don contemplated his big, serious, emotionally unavailable man problems there, scotch in hand. Curator Barbara Miller worked closely with Weiner, the show's creator, head writer, and executive producer, to put together an exhibit that includes sets, costumes, advertising art, video clips, and Weiner's personal notes and research material.

Oddly enough, given the wealth of cool midcentury spaces in the show, one section is home to an installation made to look like the Mad Men writers' room at Los Angeles Center Studios. Another is devoted to the origin of the series, and displays Weiner's personal book collection, clips from films that inspired him, and script pages from an early screenplay called The Horseshoe, which first featured the character that would evolve into Don.

More than 25 costumes are on display in a "Creating Character" section, including looks for Don, Peggy, Joan, and Roger. The Draper kitchen from Don and Betty's old home in Ossining is also on display.

Matthew Weiner's Mad Men will be open from March 14 to June 14. The museum is also showing a series of ten films Weiner curated. "Required Viewing: Mad Men's Movie Influences" includes Blue Velvet and Vertigo, films that were required viewing for everyone who worked on the show.

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