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Remembering Michael Graves with 18 of His Most Colorful, Exuberant Buildings

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When architect Michael Graves passed away at the age of 80 yesterday, he left behind a body of work that spans over 350 buildings globally, over 2,000 products (including a successful home goods line for Target) and numerous paintings and sculptures. This legacy, reconsidered in a symposium last fall and currently being celebrated in a comprehensive exhibit, has more recently been scrutinized in the context of the proposed demolition of his famous red-and-green Portland Building. Postmodern buildings may have gone out of style, but Graves' enthusiasm for introducing color and abstracted forms into his designs was never dampened. In honor of Graves, here's a look back at some of his most vibrant and ebullient works, from his whimsical resorts for Disney to St. Coletta, a colorful school for disabled children in Washington D.C.

Here, Graves' works are listed in chronological order, stopping at his design for a satellite campus of the upcoming Michael Graves School of Architecture in Wenzhou, China.

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