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Escape for a Minute to Celerie Kemble's Sublime Beach Retreat

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Ten years ago, interior designer Celerie Kemble set out to build her dream vacation spot on the picture-perfect northern shore of the Dominican Republic. The latest Architectural Digest puts Playa Grande Beach Club, the fruit of her labor, on full, splendid display. The NYC-based designer, whose previous exploits also include dreaming up a glam Manhattan pied-à-terre for Barbie, fashioned her vacation compound after Dominican vernacular design, incorporating metal roofs, hand-cut fretwork, and plenty of breezy panels and fanlights. The interior is awash in pastel-hued schemes and decorated with a mix of Kemble's own designs, vintage flea market finds, and custom pieces by local artisans.

The "familial resort," marked by cabanas and bungalows, also includes a 22-foot high central clubhouse (↓). As AD highlights, Kemble painted its ceiling pale aqua and covered the floors with "handmade tiles in a pink, navy-blue, and yellow pattern."

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