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Once a Historic Townhome, Now a High-Art Haunted House

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Philadelphia-based artist Alex Da Corte's new exhibition, Die Hexe, transforms the Luxembourg & Dayan Gallery's Upper East Side townhouse (where the Mamas and the Papas once lived) into a Lynchian haunted house of sorts. His five-room solo show incorporates the work of Bjarne Melgaard, Mike Kelley, and Robert Gober as "found objects, not precious art," Da Corte tells W Magazine. "When you go into a home and paint the walls, you're camouflaging the experience of the person that was there before—but it's still the same walls. Architecture preserves ghosts."

Da Corte has viewers walk through the show with a script that doesn't alway match up with what's on display, a trick he plays to "pull you away from what you're actually looking at." And what you are looking at is a series of visually compelling and eerie spaces—a lime green room with a Swiffer that wears a wig (or is that a mop?), a space inspired by Da Corte's grandmother's New Jersey home, a lot of Clockwork Orange-y decor.

Die Hexe, German for "the witch," is on display through April 11, 2015. Check out some of the highlights below.

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