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Pedigreed L.A. Estate with Ties to Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Mad Men Relists for $7.5M

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Location: Los Angeles, California
Price: $7,500,000
L.A.'s Perreira & Luckman designed this home for Chase Manhattan Bank heiress Dora Hutchinson, who was known for "shooting off fireworks to signal Happy Hour to her neighbors." She later let Judy Garland and Vicente Minnelli have their wedding on the property, and rented the Fox Residence (also known as "Far Alone" or "Farralone") to Frank Sinatra for nearly a decade, who in turn sublet the guesthouse to Marilyn Monroe. According to Forbes, the swimming pool next to it "is alleged to be the site of one of the blonde bombshell's last photo shoots, and more interestingly, the guesthouse is believed to be the alleged meeting spot for the late Monroe and President Jack Kennedy's notorious reported affair." Compound all that with an appearance on Season 2 of Mad Men and you've got a pretty high degree of Hollywood connections for one Chatsworth home.

In "The Jet Set" (video below), the house played a Palm Springs residence where Don Draper spent an evening at after falling in with some free spirits while on a business trip to L.A.

According to one Curbed LA commenter who claims to have been on multiple film shoots in the home, it's in pretty dire need of renovation:

The place is completely falling apart. The plumbing is awful - toilets back up all the time. The electrical is so bad I'm surprised that the house hasn't burned down yet. Everything looks great in wide photos, but this place will need to be gutted (electrical, plumbing, a lot of structural) and completely refurbished. When you try to plug something in or open a window, it feels like you're in a 1972-era apartment that has never been maintained.

Listed back in 2011 for $12M, the 12,740-square-foot residence and its 16-foot curtain walls are back asking $7.5M.

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