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Memphis Colors Meet Greek Details in This Charming Home

With its bright colors and unconventional forms, this newly renovated two-floor apartment in Athens, Greece looks like a delightful throwback to the '80s Memphis Group aesthetic. The 2,900-square-foot residence, done up by Athens-based firm Point Supreme Architects, joins what used to be two separate apartments via a new yellow staircase.

Throughout the home, bold custom features serve as "visual connectors between spaces." The built-in glass partitions behind the staircase, for example, create a view into the kitchen. The downstairs, which contains a kitchen, dining and living areas, and a yoga room, goes after a marine-like vibe with a cool blue tile flooring that also includes patterned tiles inspired by Greek island architecture. For the upstairs, where the bedrooms are, the designers once again used color to create "visual cues." In one room, deep blue walls demarcate a private sleeping corner, while stark white walls surround the more public study area.

· Nadja [Point Supreme Architects via Design Boom]