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Tokyo's 'Sandwich Apartment' Squeezes in a Raised Micro-Unit

The designers of this home in Japan had 1,300 square feet to work with, but instead of doing the obvious thing and creating say, a wide living room, they decided to build three separate micro homes with a shared roof terrace. The smallest unit, which serves as the owner's bedroom, is sandwiched in between two taller buildings of differing heights. The ground floor of another is just one giant shower room.

The whole idea between the separate builldings was to have privacy when houseguests visit, while also providing the home's owner with the freedom to "share one place slowly" if he decides to live with someone in the future. According to the Japanese firm Ikeda Yukie Architects, the contrasting heights "reduce the feeling of structural oppression, and ensure vertical noise reduction, privacy and openness."

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