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Did Robert Durst Admit to Three Murders in The Jinx Finale?

The finale of Andrew Jarecki's six-part HBO documentary series The Jinx aired last night and, and it ended with (spoilers ahead, obviously) Robert Durst going into a bathroom, not realizing his microphone is still on, and delivering a mumbling monologue to himself in which he possibly admits to all the murders. "There it is. You're caught," he begins, and continues to mutter about the interview that had just taken place, where Jarecki confronted him with seemingly damning evidence—a letter sent to the Beverly Hills Police Department after the murder of Susan Berman in handwriting identical to Durst's. In the bathroom, he finishes, "What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course." Durst was arrested on Saturday in New Orleans, where it is believed he was attempting to flee to Cuba.

The chilling clip, on Curbed NY. >>