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Space-Saving Takeaways From a 48-Square-Foot Kitchen

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At just 48 square feet, the kitchen in designer Stephanie Stokes's New York apartment is about the size of a walk-in closet, and a pretty petite one at that, at least by modern standards. Here are a few quick points of interests about how she put together such a small, functional space.

· The fridge is in another room. Let's just get that one out of the way first, because there's really no way around it. Table linens go in a hallway closet.

· Glass cabinets up top make dishes easy to find. Stokes says she "counted and measured each set and designed shallow shelves to fit, without worrying about symmetry."

· There are knife slots right in the counter (↑). (Look up top, to the right of the sink.)

· This is no kitchen for tall folks. Given how the pots and pans (↑) are dangling right above your head.

· Spices go horizontal (↓). Which looks like a pretty smart way to make them accessible if you've got low, wide, short drawers. Pans and cookbooks go to the sides.

· An electric stovetop (↑) doubles as counter space, giving Stokes a total of 14 square feet to work on. Just watch those knobs.

· "Garages" on hydraulic lifts "move small appliances into the cabinets above them when they're not needed," says Stokes.

· These slide-out cabinets (↓) are mini-pantries. Which obviously means cutting down on the dry goods. Waste and recycling bins are in similar cabinets under the sink.

· Everything was measured during the planning process: "I measured everything—my spices, my coffee tins, my bowls—to make sure they fit exactly into the drawers and cabinets and shelves. I spent a full day checking the drawings for the cabinetmaker. And then he would find another quarter-inch wherever he could!"

· Not at all space-saving but still kinda cool: A family crest (↓) imprinted in the hardwood floor.

· Also cool: Countertops in Verde Guatemala marble and a mirrored backsplash.

Read the full interview and check out the gallery at House Beautiful. This way for an entire New York apartment that's only twice the size of Stokes' kitchen.

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