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Bravo's Stephen Collins Puts His Gut-Renovated Midcentury Home on the Market

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Location: Palm Springs, California
Price: $1,500,000.00
Called away, according to an email, to "return to Europe and open a hotel in Italy," Stephen Collins of Bravo's Property Envy has put his latest project on the market after a seven-month renovation. One of 44 modern homes architect William Krisel designed for the late-'60s development of Kings Point, Palm Springs, the gut-remodeled three-bedroom dwelling is now the most expensive home ever marketed in the community, at $1.5M.

After selling his last place in Palm Springs, Collins settled into a rental while working on a down-to-the-studs do-over for this home, with "not one piece of drywall" remaining, and all original windows replaced with aluminum framed, dual-pane Milgard windows. But though the work has been extensive, Collins assures readers of the property brochure that this is "not a home of clever reinterpretations of Mid-Century Modern elements." To that end, "feature-walls of color, fashionable tile or design trends were avoided. The house had to remain classic, classic Southern California Mid-Century Modern."

On the property site, Collins describes the changes he made to the layout:
The boldest move I made with the floorpan was to totally flip one side of the house to the other...Where once there had been a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, now there is a large, extremely comfortable kitchen and dining area. The former master bedroom accessed the deepest part of the exterior of the property. I felt this was something that needed adjusting... We live more and more in not only our living rooms but also our kitchens. The new kitchen has Miele and Bosch appliances, waterfall-quartz countertops, and floors finished, like much of the communal spaces, with poured terrazzo. Off that, a closet of the former master bedroom has been turned into a study.

The bedrooms and media area of the living room sport natural floor coverings of seagrass and sisal, and the former come equipped with LED night lights and handset-controlled blackout blinds. The new master suite was created where the original kitchen and laundry once stood, and also incorporates part of the living room that had formerly been the dining area. Its cabinetry was "hand crafted in Paris for Haute Déco in London," while the master dressing room has "1969 glass and chrome hardware original to the home," plus a built-in desk below a picture window. Like the other two bedrooms, this one has its own ensuite bathroom, and comes with access to its own private-ish division of the patio, which incorporates nearly 1,900 square feet of acid-finished concrete.

"One can be easily carried away by a 'lipstick-on-the-pig' remodel and clever staging," writes Collins, "only to discover that all that glitters simply just isn't gold. 900 is the real deal." Naturally the real deal, which was acquired last fall for just $525K, comes with a new HVAC system from Daikin, and had its original front-door handles transported to L.A. and "painstakingly chrome-plated."

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