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Robert Durst's Fall From Real Estate Heir to Accused Murderer

Since the shocking and perhaps too-well-timed finale of "The Jinx" on Sunday evening, Robert Durst, the estranged scion of a New York real estate dynasty, is once again dominating headlines across the country. The six-part HBO documentary brought Durst, son of Seymour Durst and former heir to the Durst Organization, back into the spotlight after years of legal troubles and brushes with the law, and on Saturday, he was arrested on murder charges for the 2000 death of his good friend Susan Berman in Los Angeles. Then, during the finale, Durst seemingly confessed to killing Berman, his first wife (who disappeared more than 30 years ago), and his neighbor in Texas (who he chopped up and dumped in the Galveston Bay), when he muttered into a hot mic, "What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course." Almost immediately, the timeline of "The Jinx" came under scrutiny, and the internet blew up with debates over what the confession means for Durst's upcoming trial. Like just about everything involving the man, the situation is shrouded in mystery, so to get a handle on exactly how he got here, with a timeline of Durst's life and downward spiral.

From his birth to his most recent arrest, on Curbed NY. >>