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Potential SkyMall Buyer Sees Its Future as 'Free of Kitsch'

Earlier this year the internet was hit with the devastating news that the in-flight catalog SkyMall was filing for bankruptcy. As if losing the ability to browse totally ridiculous decor items while bored on a plane wasn't heartbreaking enough, get this—one potential SkyMall buyer sees the future of the in-flight magazine as "free of kitsch."

Scott Jordan, CEO of the SCOTTeVEST travel clothing company, told Condé Nast Traveler he imagines the future of SkyMall as a catalog of "clever things that you want to buy for a good value that relate to travel." Jordan acknowledges that the kitsch factor is what SkyMall is known for, and says he might have one section of the catalog dedicated to "SkyMall throwbacks, with just one crazy item to laugh at."

So, probably good for SkyMall's business model, but sad for all of us that weren't going to buy anything from SkyMall anyway, and enjoyed leafing through the insanity. Luckily, even if Jordan gets his way, the makers of SkyMall's decor offerings will still be around.

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