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Ikea Gets Kind of Raunchy, Helps Couple 'in the Bedroom'

For the latest in a long series of sometimes groan-worthy, sometimes wonderful ad campaigns, Ikea ventures into the "private life" of an unhappy couple. The entire scene is based around campy sexual innuendoes, the high/lowlight being when the wife whines, "I just wish you knew what to do with your junk." (Pan out to the clothes on the floor being referenced.) The robotically handsome blond Ikea promoter turned strange voice of reason then suggests the couple needs "a little space," or rather, space filled with Ikea's PAX Wardrobe, MALM drawers, and KOMPLEMENT interior fittings.

The couple celebrates their new found bedroom space by essentially making out with their closet, only to find things are still "a little shaky" in bed. Of course then, in comes Ikea man offering "support" with the MALM bed frame and the HOVAG mattress. Although it's all pretty magical/terrible, we could all do to remember that last line: "Always believe in your shelf."

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