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These Simple Maps Show Ski Areas In a Whole New Way

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Try finding a map of ski areas in the United States. Your options will range from the ugly to the incomplete. Graphic artist Derek Percoski noticed the void in the market and began creating simple, beautiful maps for athletes and explorers. His company, Best Maps Ever, designs maps of America's highest peaks, national parks, and ski areas. The best part? His colorful creations are sold as well-priced map posters ranging from $18 to $24, so these beauties won't break the bank. Per the website, "The posters are designed to make it easy for you to mark off or stick a pin in the places you've been." Mr. Percoski is also continually looking to develop new maps based on reader feedback. That's likely how the US Skydiving Dropzones Map came into existence, although Curbed Ski is just fine sticking to America's ski country.

On the easy-to-use website, map lovers can shop by interest or location, and don't think that the ski area maps only focus on the big-name resorts out west. There are state maps for Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and even Pennsylvania, so skiers and snowboarders from all states can get in on the action.

Check out some photos and map details. All maps available for purchase at Best Maps Ever:

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