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Sultry Toronto Apartment is Basically Giving You Bedroom Eyes

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Mannequins. Trios of hanging light fixtures. Dark, dramatic kitchens. All of the above are generally found in the edgy Toronto homes designed by Parisian architect and interior designer Stéphane Chamard, who moved to the city five years ago because of a budding romance. Chamard's dream is to make the Victorian houses and apartments in his adopted city much sexier, and he often provides them with what he calls "the lover's circulation," a layout where a family can keep secrets from one another. His latest project, called Jaya's Residence, is just as sultry and distinctive as one would expect from a designer whose primary objective is mystery.

The apartment is located in an older building, where exposed brick sections mix with white gallery walls. Inside, Chamard has combined striking artworks, such as a black-and-white chalk mural in the kitchen, and a whimsical balloon-shaped installation in the living room, with light-colored, geometric furniture and sculptural light fixtures. Light purple accents are used sparingly. The full effect is reminiscent of a Michelangelo Antonioni film set. Take a look:

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