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Hong Kong's Tallest Tower Was a Huge Arcade Game, Thanks to the Magic of Art Basel

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This year's Art Basel Hong Kong saw a light show projected onto the International Commerce Center, Hong Kong's tallest building at 1,588 feet. For "Same Old, Brand New," artist Cao Fei projected visuals reminiscent of classic arcade games, including Pac-Man and Tetris, complete with chiptune soundtrack. Cao Fei's projection played five times a night over five days.

Fei isn't the first to use the ICC skyscraper as the backdrop for some light-show style art. Last year's Art Basel Hong Kong saw Carsten Nicolai use the facade for a similar show (and of course, turning buildings into video games is by now a storied tradition).

Fei cites the city of Hong Kong itself as a major influence on her work, as well as Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities and, kind of randomly, AMC's The Walking Dead.

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