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Nantucket Tea House-Turned-Summer Home Wants $2.4M

Nantucket is home to a candle factory-turned-three bedroom, life saving station-turned-beach cottage, and a barn-turned-theatre-in-the-round-turned-luxury residence. This week, yet another example of Grey Lady-style adaptive reuse has hit the market.

Originally built in 1775, the house was rebuilt in 1851 and served as a tea house from 1919 through 1926. While there's no reason to believe anything other than tea was served during the prime of Prohibition, here's hoping that the buttery under the dining room is a sign of a speakeasy past. Regardless, we're not sure what happened right after its Roaring Twenties commercial stint, but these days 15 Bassett Road is a five bedroom, two bath summer home. Set on a knoll in Quaise, the listing assures that the .75 acre property has "some of the best views on the island." Asking price is $2,395,000.
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