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Zaha Hadid Collabs on a Pair of Radical Wooden Vases

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Zaha Hadid, the starchitect who has previously extended her brand to, among other things, Fabergé eggs, slinky shoes, and dollhouses, has now collaborated with British furniture designer Gareth Neal on a pair of wooden pairs more dramatic than all the rest. Hadid has actually designed ultra-curvy crystal vases before, but these new pieces focus on bringing dramatically foreign forms to a material as traditional as oak.

The vases, sculpted from oak, subverts the normal vessel shape, looking like they've been stretched in slow motion. Created as a part of "The Wish List," a collaborative design initiative from the American Hardwood Export Council and Benchmark Furniture, this pair of otherworldly tableware will soon go on show at various exhibitions, including Art/Basel Miami in June.

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