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March Has Not Been Kind to the Snowpack in the West

While the East Coast just can't seem to quit winter, the West has been stuck in a awful pattern of dry weather and warm temperatures (cue the ski area closures). Okay, it might not be awful if you like sunny days on the patio and early spring biking, but for snow lovers, it's been abysmal. We decided to check in on the snowpack to see exactly how bad it is. Brace yourself, Curbediverse. This is not pretty.

Things weren't looking great for many ski areas on March 4, the last time we looked at the current snow water equivalent (SWE) in the West. But compared to the map today, the snowpack was rosy at the beginning of the month. Now, almost every state has seen their SWE decline, as little snow has fallen in the past few weeks. Tahoe is down to 10% of its regular snowpack, while areas that had seen a surplus of snow earlier in the winter (parts of Wyoming and Northern Colorado), are now lucky to be holding on to average.

Although Colorado is currently in the midst of a small storm that will drop a few inches around the state, the forecast for most of the west doesn't look good. If there's going to be any "spring miracle" for the region's ski areas, it needs to happen soon.

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