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Behold Munich's Eerie Olympic City of 1972

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The 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich transformed its host city. Seen as an opportunity to fast-track development, the Munich subway began running in 1971, just in time for the Olympic takeover. Photographer Nick Frank has an unambiguous love for those U-Bahn stations, and the looming tower blocks of the Olympic Village. For his latest project, a photo essay called "Olympia Habitat," Frank focuses on the geometric shapes of the city's Olympic architecture.

Sadly, the '72 Olympics were shrouded in tragedy by their second week, when 11 Israeli athletes were murdered by a Palestinian group that broke into the Olympic Village and kidnapped them. The Village still has a somewhat sinister vibe, with sparse brightly-colored accents and occasional rainbow murals that now seem slightly incongruous. Frank's photographs will soon appear in a book entitled Habitat Olympia. Here's a preview:

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