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$32M Castle Looks Pretty Flawless for Being 915 Years Old

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Location: Siena, Italy
Price: €28M ($32M)

With more and more Italians growing weary of paying taxes and upkeep on historic buildings, dozens of castles have dropped onto the market, including this splendid Medieval fortress in the Tuscany countryside of Siena. Now on the market for $32M, the 115-bedroom (at least according to Sotheby's), 110-bathroom castle was originally erected in 1100, and has gone through various modifications and extensions over its long, long history.

According to the listing, some of the rooms in the 154,139-square-foot fort were decorated in the 18th-century, but "many remain medieval in their architectural style." The sprawling 1556-acre property comes with several well-restored farmhouses, four swimming pools, two private lakes, a tennis court, 45 acres of vineyards, and a 1,500-tree olive grove.

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