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Lena Dunham Drops $2.7M on a 1920s Home in West Hollywood

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Just a few months after spending $4.8M on a new place in Brooklyn, actress, director, and screenwriter you have an opinion about Lena Dunham has put down $2.7M on a 1920s home in West Hollywood, reports TMZ. Last year, she told Vogue "I like Los Angeles, but more than two weeks and I start to get a very sad feeling. You eat well there, and you take hikes, and my dog loves it, but ultimately it's not the right place for me." Her new piece of wrong-for-her used to be owned by Breakfast at Tiffany's and A-Team actor George Peppard. Here's what it looks like.

But first, a description from a January item in Take Sunset:

Located on a flat, tree-lined street, just south of Sunset Boulevard in the bustling West Hollywood neighborhood, this historic 1920′s home has been restored and renovated. Behind, tall lush privacy hedges this Spaulding Square home sits on a large oversize corner lot which encompasses generous side gardens. Here the two bedroom main house is connected to the guest house by a manicured lawn and pool. Share your opinion on these swedish hardwood floors and built-ins in the comments, and elaborate on how it says more about you than it does about Lena Dunham or her new home.

· Lena Dunham: I got a new house :( [TMZ]