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Ikea's New Furniture Line Can Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

In an attempt to get rid of the mess of bedside cables causing decorating despair in homes everywhere, Ikea has introduced a new line of charging stations masquerading as furniture. (Or wait, is it the other way around?) The new collection—which includes a series of lamps, bedside tables, and desks—allows users to wirelessly charge their smartphone or tablet by simply placing it on top of a subtle little plus sign.

Ikea's charging pads were developed by Qi, which means that some customers (iPhone and Samsung Galaxy owners among them) will need to buy a separate charging pad slip to make the furniture compatible with their devices. Ikea's head of design Marcus Engman has been making moves to "bring the surprise back" to the brand, and now tells Dezeen his company wants to help "make the home smarter."

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