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Tour 10 Cute Barcelona Shops With Special Preservation Status

The city council of Barcelona just unanimously approved a new reform to protect Catalan heritage. This means 228 cafés, stores, and pharmacies in the city will now be protected as monuments. With the Spanish economy still sputtering on, the reform comes at a time when small shops might struggle to pay rent, making chain stores more reliable tenants. The change doesn't mean landlords can't still evict, it just makes the option a lot less attractive, because even though a new tenant could technically change the space's use, the signage, decor, and furnishings are all off limits.

Among the 228 shops, 32 were designated as part of an elite group where no changes whatsoever will be allowed. Although preserving a commercial space might seem strange at first, it's essentially a smart way to protect the cute historic café that's been owned by the same family for a hundred years from becoming, well, a Starbucks. Check out ten of Barcelona's newest monuments, below:

Antiga Casa Cotchet-J.Xancó (Rambla, 129)

Antiga Cereria Lluís Codina (Bisbe, 2)

Herboristeria del Rei (Vidre, 1)

Barreteria Obach (Call, 2)

Cafè de l'Òpera (Rambla, 74)

Farmàcia Guinart (Gran de Sant Andreu, 306)

Pastisseria Escribà (Rambla, 83)

Casa Beethoven (Rambla, 97)

El Indio (Carme, 24)

Ganiveteria Roca (Pl. del Pi, 3)

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