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Rusty Grey Walls Meet Bubblegum Pink in This Moscow Office

Modern office spaces like to match the identity of the companies they serve—take, for example, the vibrantly cartoonish HQ of the game developer behind Candy Crush or Google's many elaborately themed outposts that totally trumpet the "Wacky Google Office" stereotype. But how do you design a personality-filled workspace for a recruiting company, whose sole purpose for existence is to funnel people into other companies? For NGRS Recruiting Company in Moscow, the answer is apparently transforming a space in a historic manufacturing building into a cotton-candy-like pink-and-white dreamland, where rows of "interview rooms" seem far less dreadful and intimidating as they may very well be.

Completed by Russian architecture firm Crosby Studios, the conversion takes after a classic public square, with arches and semi-circular steps fronting glassy rooms. The designers, who left some of the crumbling walls uncovered to "give a sense of that time," also sought inspiration from theatre and Wes Anderson movie sets. That could explain all the pink, a prominent color in Anderson's recent Oscar-winning film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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