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These Tetris-Inspired Sculptures Are Made of Household Items

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Swedish artist Michael Johansson builds Tetris-like sculptures from found furniture, cars, suitcases, TVs, and even washing machines. The everyday objects are stacked on top of each other to form the organized yet chaotic structures. The items, which fit together like puzzle pieces, are bound to inspire some closet organizing if looked at too closely.
Johansson has many variations on the Tetris sculpture theme, most of which can be explored on his website. Some are enormous stacks formed in public spaces, like the one set between two buildings in Rotterdam, while others are smaller versions designed for exhibitions.

One is even built between two shipping containers, so yes, Tetris-inspired art is officially added to the long list of shipping container uses. There are also bright, colorful sculptures, and others that concentrate on only one or two shades. Photos, below:

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