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Inside the Bubble That Transforms a Typical New York Loft

Pablo Jendretzki sure lucked out when he met a couple with a 6,000-square-foot loft on Sixth Avenue in Soho. Not only did the couple, who work in film and entertain often, befriend the Argentinean-born architect—they hired him to do a major renovation. In 2010, Jendretzki embarked on an overhaul of the space. While the massive living area, which takes up two-thirds of the apartment, is still open-plan, Jendretzki rewired everything "like crazy" so that 12 projectors hang from the beamed ceiling, ready to air movies or video installations on screens that descend from hidden pockets.

But beyond cinematic capabilities, the couple wanted something more: "something in the space that guests wouldn't forget." Forget traditional walls. After experimenting with different kinds of "volumes" that could be created by lopping off a corner of the living area, they settled on a bubble. Initially designed and used as a screening room, so that sound waves could bounce off the curved walls, the bubble is now split into two playful rooms for the couple's sons, ages 12 and 2.

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