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Nantucket's First Virtual Grocery Store Opens Tomorrow

Nantucket's lone full-service grocery store, the currently under construction (and recently aflame!) Stop & Shop, is about to get some new competition. As of tomorrow, islanders will be able to order deliveries for "year-round products such as lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and maple syrup from Massachusetts; cheeses from New England and New York; chicken and turkeys from Vermont; beans, lamb and milk from Maine; ducks from Long Island and much more." Created by island resident Joe Bauer, Nantucket Market will be the Grey Lady's first virtual grocery store and seeks "to bring fresh, local and regional products to island households in a fast, convenient and friendly way." The grand opening is on Saturday, March 21, with the first home and business deliveries scheduled for March 27. Naturally, Mahon About Town has all the details right this way.
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