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Austria's Sewer Pipe Hotel Finally Gets a Sewer Pipe Bathroom

Though the world has seen no shortage of wild new hotel concepts lately, one of the coolest options around is still the dasparkhotel in Ottensheim, Austria, originally built by designer Andreas Strauss in 2004. Located in a public park, the highly unusual lodging site comprises of three giant repurposed sewer pipes, each made more palatable by the vibrant murals of Austrian artist Thomas Latzel, in addition to simple furnishings like a bed, storage space, and a tiny lamp. Since its operations began, dasparkhotel has inspired a similar project near Mexico City called Tubohotel. Strauss has also expanded dasparkhotel to a second location in Essen, Germany, which hosts five pipe rooms. Reservations for both sites open up again next month. The rate? Pay-as-you-wish, just as it was when it first started.

The hotel, which runs from May to October every year, allows stays of up to three days. Guests who've successfully reserved a spot will receive a security code that'll allow them to access their "room." Dasparkhotel generally depends on existing public use facilities in the surrounding area for amenities like toilets, showers, mini bar, and a cafeteria, but last year at the Ottensheim location, Strauss added a "Sanitube" that packs a toilet and sink into another one of those massive reclaimed pipes. See more photos of dasparkhotel over the years on its Flickr album, this way. >>

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