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2014's Serpentine Pavilion Was Just U-Hauled to the Country

Every summer, an ambitious new architectural pavilion is built for the Serpentine Gallery, and every fall the construction in London's Hyde Park is dismantled. However, last year's design by the Chilean architect Smiljan Radić, which is reminiscent of a giant prehistoric donut, will now see a second life in the English countryside. More specifically, the fiberglass shelter has been relocated to the grounds of Hauser & Wirth Somerset, the rural outpost of the powerhouse international art gallery. It will reside in a lovely garden designed by Piet Oudolf (the guy who landscaped NYC's High Line).

The nearly 3,800-square foot semi-translucent garden folly will be on permanent display at the gallery. "This position will give visitors a certain distance, a quieter time to examine it, and it will have a different kind of mystery than it had in the middle of London," Radić told Architectural Digest.

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