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Angular Slovakian 'Treehouse' Channels Mies Van der Rohe

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Two factors contributed to the unique form of this elevated house in Bratislava, Slovakia. The plot of land was nearly impossible to build on, with steep hills and chestnut trees that the owner did not want to disturb. But perhaps more challenging was his request that the home be modeled after Mies Van der Rohe's masterpiece in the Czech Republic, the Villa Tugendhat, a 1930 residence that reopened in 2012 after a $9M restoration (and about 75 years of neglect). The Slovakian firm Šebo-Lichý had their work cut out for them. The result is a glassy six-sided home hovering above the ground on angled pylons.
The sloping hill hides two subterranean levels with a home gym. The aboveground floors contain three bedrooms with terraces, an office, and an open plan, modernist-inspired living area. There's an outdoor patio that is partially covered by the ceiling of the home's main level, and enough greenery that from certain angles, it can feel like being inside a treehouse. Photos, below:

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