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Spiffy New Railway Hub in Paris Will Have an M.C. Escher Look

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Northern Paris will soon get an ambitious new transportation upgrade, as four major railway stations containing rapid-transit Metro lines are planned for the area. The Japanese firm of Kengo Kuma and Associates just won an international competition to design the Grand Paris Express' main hub at the Saint-Denis Pleyel station. Newly released renderings show a 485,000-square-foot space with glass curtain walls, a green roof, and a couple of dangerous-looking exterior walkways.

The new train station will have shops, a library, and a business center in addition to "automatic" Metro lines connecting two sides of Paris. Construction is expected to begin this year, and wrap up in 2020. "Steel frames that evoke rail tracks are used in the curtain wall and many other parts of the structure, to emphasize the passage of time and history," the architects write. "Stressful daily metropolitan movements will be changed to an open and interactive experience."

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