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Mansions in Bali Are Made of Bamboo, Because Why Not?

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The Indonesian firm Ibuku makes extravagant Avatar-like takes on tree houses out of cheap and plentiful bamboo. Not just any houses either, deluxe six story mansions perfect for a relaxing, sustainable vacation. For a recent TED talk, founder Elora Hardy explained why bamboo is the best building material and how Ibuku's method is creating a "whole new world." Hardy argues the overgrown grass is earthquake resistant, light and thus easily transportable, and also strong like steel. Not to mention, it grows extremely fast—as much as a meter a day. Up until recently, bamboo was difficult to protect from insects, but with a new insect-repelling salt called boron, Hardy argues bamboo should be taken a lot more seriously in the construction world.

Hardy, who grew up in Bali and used to paint on fabric for Donna Karan, became interested in the bamboo movement through her parents, who founded the all-bamboo Green School. Using bamboo sticks as columns, Hardy explains the process of building miniature models which are handed over to a team of artists and craftsmen in Bali who construct the structures, pole by pole. In Hardy's world, designers actually "talk to doors" before deciding to make them round. Check out the talk below.

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