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What Happened to the Tiny-Home Commune, Boneyard Studios?

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Before the tiny-home commune, Micro Showcase, was founded in 2015, Boneyard Studios was Washington, D.C.'s famed tiny-home community. The community was featured in a myriad of news organizations, including Fox 5, Dwell, The Washington Post, and Washington City Paper. Boneyard Studios was co-founded in 2012 by Brian Levy, Jay Austin, and Lee Pera, but after two years, it ended in drama that has continued to this day. On March 20, 2015, Austin and Pera published a letter on the Boneyard Studios website, describing Levy as "acting erratically" and being the cause of Boneyard Studios meeting its end. The two claim that Levy seized power of the community by purchasing a lot in his name with little to no discussion. On Levy's Micro Showcase website, though, he tells a much different story.

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