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Daniel Libeskind Strikes Again With Red Scaly Pavilion in Milan

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Daniel Libeskind is nearly done with his pavilion for Milan's World Expo, which has morphed from looking like a soft-serve ice cream cone to resembling the muscles of an amorphous scaly creature, perhaps a snake or dragon. However, the concept for the pavilion was inspired not by Dairy Queen or the zoo, but by elements in a traditional Chinese landscape painting, like rice fields and rock formations. According to Studio Libeskind, the 3,000-square-foot space aims to "tell the story of civilization, technology, and the 21st century."

The twisting building is covered in shimmering red metal tiles with "highly sustainable" air purification and self-cleaning properties. The "serpentine form" opens up in the middle with a grandiose staircase covered in white mosaic tile. Those who climb up the stairs will find a rooftop bamboo garden with panoramic views of the rest of the Expo.

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