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This Swiss Store Sells Amazing Design Products for the Elderly

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A pair of Swiss designers seems to have stumbled upon one of the design world's biggest untapped markets: senior citizens. Their new concept shop in Zurich, called Senior Design Factory, specializes in "exciting-looking products that do not remind people of a hospital or retirement home," co-designer Benjamin Moser told T magazine. Located under the arches of a train viaduct on a trendy shopping strip, the colorful shop sells items sensitive to the mobility issues and physical limitations of elderly people, such as red or chrome walkers with leather seats, elegant wooden canes painted royal purple, and potato peelers with easy-to-grip handles.

The two designers became inspired to create products for seniors while they were still in art school. After an article came out about the rapidly aging Swiss population (one-third of the country will soon be over fifty), the pair realized there were very few attractive products designed specifically for older people. A sign hanging inside the doorway says, "Do it yourself." Check out the innovative shop, below:

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