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Thrifty Architect Built Himself a Warm Modern Home for $175K

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When architects build their own homes, they tend to tackle awesome challenges like, say, making grain silos wonderfully livable or crafting indoor "tree houses." For Austin-based architect Shane Michael Pavonetti, it was all about building a low-budget modern dwelling that doesn't look low-budget at all. The gorgeous 1,600-square-foot house, which Pavonetti completed for $175,000, combines Modernism with the regional farmhouse vernacular, an aesthetic that translates into lots of large windows, clean lines, exposed wood, and yes, a barn-red front door.

As Dwell explains, the "streamlined shape of the home kept slab, framing, and roofing costs down." And conveniently, Pavonetti and his wife were so concerned about the chemicals used in laminate flooring that they decided to leave the concrete slab foundation of the home totally exposed, eliminating a huge chunk of flooring costs. According to Pavonetti, the floor-to-ceiling windows also cut down on the need for lights. The rest of the interior is stocked with affordable finds from the Ikea, Home Depot, and Cost Plus World Market. Get the full story on the project over on Dwell.

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