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Zaha's New Desert Animation is Half Ominous, Half Romantic

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Zaha Hadid's studio has unleashed a vaguely threatening new video showing off their design proposal for the headquarters for Middle Eastern environmental company Bee'ah. The animated video begins with the winding, sand dune-inspired design emerging from a cloud of dust in a clearly scorching desert. Jump to a starry night sky and interior shots that show how the structure slowly lights up as the sun rises. The three-minute video is accompanied by some seriously ominous music, the drama of which fits Zaha Hadid perfectly.

Hadid's proposal was first revealed in December, along with renderings for a similarly ripply residential tower in Rio de Janeiro. The Bee'ah proposal is not unlike Hadid's other swoopy projects, but was reportedly shaped like sand dunes so the structure could withstand the extreme desert weather conditions. The video concludes with a borderline romantic scene in which the corner-less building shimmers with an outdoor pond's reflection. Check it out below.

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