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New Insights From Late Subway Sign Maestro Massimo Vignelli

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Although his may not be a household name, Massimo Vignelli's work has come into contact with every single New Yorker. In 1966, the late graphic designer was tapped by the MTA to redesign the subway system's signage and later, its map. Although Vignelli's design for the map—an abstract New York City covered by angular colored lines and surrounded by pale brown water—never took, his principles of aesthetic clarity can still be seen across the signage of the system's 485 stations. In a previously unpublished 1990 interview excerpted by from Gary Hustwit's Helvetica/Objectified/Urbanized: The Complete Interviews, Vignelli divulges a few of his inner thoughts about the role of good design and his decisions behind the subway signage that directs the city to this day.

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