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Critics Really Hate This Proposed Skyscraper in the Swiss Alps

In 1996, Pritzker-winning architect Peter Zumthor unveiled a glorious high-design spa in the Swiss valley of Vals, made from 60,000 slabs of stacked quartzite. In 2015, Morphosis Architects, the firm of fellow Pritzker-winner Thom Mayne, unleashed renderings for a 1,250-foot mirror-clad hotel for the modest Alpine village, to be placed right next to Zumthor's fine low-slung building. If built, it will become Europe's tallest skyscraper, towering over the surrounding houses and obstructing mountain views from miles around. Mind you, this is a 1,006-person town in the Swiss Alps, not London or Frankfurt. Critics are understandably aghast.

Is it really the worst piece of architecture ever/>>