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The Remotest Inhabited Island in the World Wants an Upgrade

Tristan da Cunha is the most isolated inhabited island in the world. Located 1,750 miles southwest of the southern tip of Africa in the South Atlantic ocean, the volcanic island takes approximately 10 days by sea to reach from Cape Town. Not to mention, severe weather conditions combined with ancient facilities make it only reachable about 60 days a year. Now, Tristan da Cunha is in search of a little upgrade. The island's government along with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) have announced a competition seeking a self-sustainable design plan for the small community.

Tristan da Cunha includes four islands, two of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites and only one of which has permanent residents. The community was named "Edinburgh of the Seven Seas" after the Duke of Edinburgh, who visited the settlement in 1867. It's now home to 268 people, mostly farmers and fisherman who share just eight surnames. The island seeks a cost-effective solution that addresses the community infrastructure and the need to grow more local produce.

The competition invites teams to anonymously submit their designs by June 2, 2015. Five teams will be chosen to further develop their designs in the second round, and will receive £3,000. The winner will receive an additional £2,000. Unfortunately, site visits will not be possible. It's the wrong time of year, after all.

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