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Shipping Container Work Space is a Crystal Cluster in a Forest

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For the latest in strange and innovative shipping container projects, architect James Whitaker designed a cluster of shipping containers arranged so that sunlight passes through the various interior spaces at different times of the day. The space has a "complex roof design" that would actually funnel light to a meeting area in the middle of all of the protruding shipping containers. The design was inspired by crystal growths in a science laboratory, according to Whitaker, and the result, certainly crystal-like, also looks like a place ET might hang out.

Whitaker was originally approached by a German advertising agency that wanted a shipping container workspace in the Black Forest. The agency has since closed, and Whitaker reportedly made the renderings to promote his studio's new and improved digital imagery production. Also a photographer, he explained to Dezeen that he approaches renderings the same way as photographs: "In many ways visualizations and photography are very similar." His understanding of how "light, shadows, and reflections" can change the appearance of a building is bordering on magical—even when you zoom in closely, it's hard to believe the images aren't real.

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