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SoCal's Modernist Icons Look Mighty Pretty in Silkscreen Form

Some of the best-loved examples of Californian modernism can now be appreciated in silkscreen form, thanks to L.A.-based artist Chris Turnham. Turnham's works, which were recently on display at L.A.'s Nucleus art gallery, include lively screen-print interpretations of Frank Lloyd Wright's (recently reopened) Hollyhock House, the colorful Eames House, and the UFO-like Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport.

These pieces contain vivid detail. In the Eames House print, for example, you can zoom into the wall of bookshelves, an Eames Lounge Chair, various hanging light fixtures (and the ladder Charles Eames used to rearrange them.) As Turnham explains to Co.Design, though, what makes these homes special is also how they're fit into the surrounding landscape: "The Eames House wouldn't be the Eames House without the shield of eucalyptus trees it hides behind."

Two Palms by Chris Turnham

Parker Center by Chris Turnham

See more of Turnham's works at his website or on Nucleus.

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