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Tonight: It's Time to Tune Into My City's Just Not That Into Me

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Attention, architecture fanatics and house hunting aficionados! Curbed has partnered with FYI on the television network's new original series, My City's Just Not That Into Me, a show matching intrepid city dwellers with their ideal piece of real estate. Every Wednesday, two back-to-back episodes will air at 10pm ET on FYI. Host and winner of Curbed LA's Hottest Broker Contest Courtney Poulos of Acme Real Estate uses the My City Personality Quiz — which is like online dating, but for houses — to zone in on two cities that fit the lifestyle and wish list of folks who are just so over their current city.

Follow Curbed along on social using the #MyCity hashtag on Twitter, and watch this space tomorrow for episode breakdowns and real estate findings.