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In Photos: The Rise of New York's Largest Apartment Building

The Moinian Group's colossal rental tower at 605 West 42nd Street will likely never be considered an iconic building, but it can be considered historic; when it's completed later this year, it will hold 1,175 apartments, more units than any other building in New York City. It will eventually lose the title to TF Cornerstone's project to the north at 606 West 57th Street, but nevermind that. For now, the development team is savoring the superlative while they can, and they hired fashion photographer Scott Furkay to shoot a collection of construction photos "in the same vein of those taken during the making of other NYC landmarks." And it's safe to say that they accomplished their goal. Furkay's black and white photos are very reminiscent of Lewis Hine's iconic shots of the Empire State Building—minus the danger.

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